Your Best Spin Mop in 2020

You’re not the only person who saw a spin mop for the first time and went, “You. Get in my life. Today.”

This article will tell you based on an unnecessarily high volume of research exactly which is the best spin mop for you, from those currently available (and on sale where possible).

Carry on reading or jump straight to our number #1 pick here.

First, Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Spin Mops

We looked at different types of mops, from steel to more plasticky kinds. One way we determined whether or not a mop was worth it was the reviews. We also looked at what features the mop had compared to the price. Here are five mops to consider, ordered from our favorite to our least (but still a good product.)

#1: O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System(Best Value – All-Purpose)

If you need the best general spin mop that combines quality, value, and everything you expect to find in spin mops, we believe that this one is the way to go. For one thing, it includes the feature that you expect from quality spin mops, which is the built-in ringer. Most spin mops come with this, and the reason why it’s worth pursuing is that you can remove any excess water without using your hands. Wringing usually gets your hands dirty, and who wants to touch that dirty mop bucket or mop water?

Then, we have the microfiber mop heads. Microfiber allows for better absorption and cleaning, which you expect from mop heads. These mop heads are machine washable, so you can keep it clean every use. The manufacturer does recommend replacing the mop heads after a few months for the best results, and you can buy two extra mop heads if you wish.

In addition, we have a foot pedal. When you press on the foot pedal, it keeps the moisture level at your control. If you need more, press the foot pedal more, and vice versa.

Another feature is the splash guard. When you wring the mop, the splash guard keeps the water inside. A poor mop bucket has little splash guard, which can mean that you get wet. No one wants that!

Reviews have been almost all positive. People love how well this spin mop cleans and how easy it is to use. There is a vocal minority who dislike the spin mop because they say that it does not clean as well as they thought, but overall, it’s a highly rated mop.

#2: BOOMJOY Spin Mop (Best Machine)

This spin mop has quite a few similarities to the first one. It’s one of the best spin mops around, and it offers similar features. It has high-quality microfiber mop heads that are machine washable, it’s easy to use, and it’s designed to eliminate the toughest of stains.

The first one is still the best value, as it offers everything you need in a spin mop for a good price. However, there are some reasons why you may choose this spin mop over the other. For one thing, it’s stainless steel. Some people love the feel, sturdiness, and aesthetic of stainless steel better.

in addition, this spin mop has a mop bucket that you can separate. You can take off the spinning mop bucket if you want to clean it. The other mop bucket you can use for water storage or any other use.

Overall, this is a high-quality spin mop and it’s almost as good as the first one in our opinion. Reviews of this stainless steel spin mop have been extremely possible. Some reviews say it’s easy to use and it gets the job done. They love the feel of its stainless steel handle and how it glides through hardwood floors like it’s nothing.

However, this spin mop has some critical reviews as well. Some people say it’s shaky, not sturdy, or hard to put together. With that said, these people are in the minority, so consider that.

#3: Twist And Shout (Best Classic Spin Mop)

The Twist and Shout is the OG out of all spin mops. It’s a quality product that has satisfied many customers for years, and it’s still one of the best spin mops in the game.

You may want to buy the Twist and Shout spin mop for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it has a lifetime warranty if you buy a 2016 model or later. While a warranty on a mop sounds a little silly, we do enjoy how much confidence this product has in itself.

Another reason you may want to buy this is that it’s one of those spin mops that is simple. It doesn’t have any moving parts that other spin mops come with. Its mop features lack foot pedals or axis that spins. This means the mop is less likely to break. And because of the lack of parts, the bucket is lighter, meaning that you can carry it around easier.

As for the other features, they have quite a bit to offer. It’s a good spin mop that has an absorbent mop head and it dries out quite fast. Reviews of this mop have been quite positive. Some say that it’s not just a good spin mop, but one of the best ones out there. People love its simple bucket, how easy it is to use, and deep cleaning mop head. There were some negative reviews, mostly concerning the handle. Some claim the handle was easy to break.

Overall, we say that you should shout for the Twist and Shout.

#4: WAFJAMF Microfiber 360° Spin Mop, Bucket with Wringer Floor Cleaning System (Best Low Cost)

If you need a spinning mop that doesn’t cost much, this is the mop for the job. Despite the lower price, this spin mop has a lot going for it, which is why you may want to buy it over the others. Its microfiber mop head is quite good at absorbing liquid and cleaning, all while keeping your floor spotless. The spin mop has a hands-free drying option in its bucket, making it great for removing excess water without getting your hands dirty. The spin mop handle extends and retracts so you can store it with ease of use.

The reviews aren’t too numerous on this spin mop, but one customer so far has found it to be an amazing product. If you’re new to the world of spin mops, we say this product is a good introduction. With that said, some cheaper mops do have their share of problems. For instance, they may have flimsy handles, heads that don’t clean up the messes well, or other issues. We aren’t saying this mop does, but beware.

#5: Simpli-Magic 79193 (Most Mop Heads)

This is another cheap mop, and its mop features are similar to the Twist and Shout. It lacks unneeded parts like a foot pedal and instead relies on simplicity. Also, this cleaning mop has a soap dispenser included. This allows you to measure your soap for the best cleaning experience possible. It even has a drain plug on the bucket. This bucket system features makes it so much easier to drain than carrying the bucket yourself.

Another reason you may buy it over the others is that the Simpli-Magic spin mops come with not one mop head, but four. The mop head of a spin mop is always important, and you do have to replace it after a while. For the price, the mop head amount you get is good.

Reviews are a little less than the other spin mops but still respectable. People say it’s a high-quality mop that gives you good cleaning for the price. Others say that it’s a case of getting what you pay for, with much of the criticism directed at the handle. Some say the handle is too short, even if you’re not the tallest person on the side of your family.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X

Here are some other mops that are a little more questionable, but are affordable and still have a reason to check them out.

#1 Best Under $30: Lola the Revolution

This mop isn’t revolutionary, despite its name, but it’s a highly rated mop that gets the job done. It has all the cleaning features you want, from a handle you can twist to being able to clean out the mop without using your hands. Reviews of this mop are mostly positive, claiming that its cleaning powers work.

Meanwhile, there is one critical review, and it said the mop head isn’t that absorbent. In some cases, you may be able to replace the mop head with something stronger, but having a default mop head that’s good is also important for people as well, so beware.

#2 Best Under $25: Swirl N Twirl

This mop has an “As Seen on TV” label on it, and its mop bucket looks like a bucket you’d see in a children’s sandbox. This may make you raise a few eyebrows. However, this mop is quite good, offering you the basics for a cheap price. Also, the reviews have been quite positive. People say that it works. Interestingly, there aren’t any negative reviews on this spin mop. The lowest is 3 stars, and even that one isn’t critical of the product.

#3 Best Under $20: Durable Rotating Mop

Okay, you’re not going to find these mops for cheap on Amazon. Instead, you have to go to other sites, such as Wish. Wish, as you probably know, is a website where you can find cheap goods, and while the shipping isn’t the fastest, and some of the goods are infamous for their quality, you can still find some gems.

This is one of those cases. This cleaning mop has a head that’s cotton, meaning that you won’t get the same quality, but it still has many features you’d expect, such as a bucket system. Also, this spin mop comes in many colors. This doesn’t affect its cleaning, but it’s always good to pick a color.

Reviews on this mop have mostly been positive, with some people claiming that it works well. Its cleaning is satisfying, its handle is easy to use, and it’s an overall good product. Meanwhile, some negative reviews claim that it’s low quality. But for that price, it is getting what you pay for, and this cleaning mop should be used as a temporary fix until you upgrade.

#4 Best Under $15: Libman Twist Mop

If you just want the mop head, handle, and cleaning power, you pick this one. As you’ll quickly realize, this doesn’t have a mop bucket, making cleaning it a bit more of a hassle. However, for the price, we say that’s worth getting, at least as a temporary product.

Reviews have been mixed. Some say its ease of use is great and that its cleaning was satisfying. Others say that because of its lack of bucket, it takes forever to clean, which does seem like an obvious problem. As we said, this is one that’s good as a temporary setup, or for travel.

Buying Decision: Is a Spin Mop The BEST Kind of Mop?

This is definitely a subjective question (though isn’t everything on this list?) because there are many factors that determine which floor mops are the best. For example, you may want a steam floor mop that deep cleans all surfaces and has a refillable water tank. You may want a traditional mop, too.

With that said, a spin mop can be the best type of mop for some for a few reasons. For one thing, they use less water, so you don’t waste water and you don’t have to wait forever for the mop to dry. Plus, they are effective and their price isn’t too much, anyway.

How Does a Spin Mop Work Anyway?

A spin mop works by its ability to be spun in 360 degrees. When you clean, you can spin the mop handle to scrub off any stain that comes your way. After you’re done, there is a rinse bucket where you can spin off any excess water. These mops allow you to dry them off faster without any mess. The spinning mechanism may be operated by a pedal you use with your foot, or it may use a handle. Either way, it can dry the mop however you want. As you know with a mop, there is such a thing as too wet or too dry.

Spin mops tend to use a mop head made from microfiber as well. This type of moth head means that there is much more absorbency than your average mop.

How do you put a spin mop together?

Spin mops don’t require complex assembly. You put on the mop head, screw on the handle, and perform other simple assemblies. However, because every spin mop is slightly different, we do recommend that you consult your instruction manual for any questions you may have about the mop.

Also, make sure that you can extend the handle, as some mops can be a little short unless you extend it.

The Mop Isn’t Cleaning The Gunk on the Floor! What a Waste of Money!

Let’s say your child throws some peanut butter on the ground, and you procrastinate on cleaning it up. No matter how good your mop is and no matter how fast you twist that handle, you may still have to do some prep work to make the stain leave the floor. For example, soak it in some water or cleaning solution.

With messes and stains, time is the enemy. The more time the mess is on the ground, the more effort you’re going to have to put in cleaning it up.

Should I Use the Mop Head Dry or Wet?

Depending on what type of mess you have at your hands, you may want to use the spin mop either wet or dry, let’s explain.

For messes that are dry, you should use a spin mop that is wet, but you do need to make sure you make it as damp as possible. A wet mop will allow the dirt or dust to stick to the mop and make the mess the easiest to clean up.

As for a wet mess, you may want to make sure the head is dryer. This allows the mess to stick to the head much easier.

What Unique Features Do Certain Spin Mops Have?

Spin mops, as you probably know, come with different features depending on which one you buy. Let’s look at some of them, from A to Z.

  • Agitator. This cleans your mop head from any dirt, making you use less water as a result. Also, it means you don’t get dirty water back.
  • Drain plug. You may find a mop bucket with a plug on it. This makes cleaning a breeze. Just pull the plug and drain the nasty water.
  • Soap dispenser. Some mops have a dispenser to make it easy to put cleaning fluid on the mop. No extra trips.
  • Spinning mechanism. Some mops use a handle pump or a foot pedal. The pedal can be more convenient, but the handle pump is a little less on the flimsy side.
  • Splash guard. The bucket may have a guard to keep the dirty water in the bucket. Without a guard, even the most careful person may end up splashing water all over themselves!
  • Wheels. Some spin mops have wheels on their buckets for easier transport and less mess. It improves the ease of use by a lot.

Also, depending on what you purchase, you may get extra heads, gloves, or other accessories. However, the above is what you need to be concerned with when it comes to deciding whether or not a mop is for you.

Verdict: Your Best Spin Mop

Phew. There are so many mops that it’s making our heads spin. Get it, because they’re spin mops? Okay, we’ll stop now. Let’s look at the five types of spin mop we’ve picked.

The first one is O-Cedar Easywring. This spin mop is the best in value. It has every feature that you’ve come to expect out of good spin mops and includes different bells and whistles. Plus, it has a microfiber mop head, which is always important. You can use the pedal to control how much water it uses, too.

Next up is BOOMJOY Spin Mop. This one is a little more expensive, but it is made of stainless steel and has a bucket that you can detach. The extra bells and whistles may not be necessary, which is why we’ve put it next up, but it does have powerful cleaning and a nice mop head to boot.

The third is the Twist N Shout. This is the original lineup of spin mops, and it doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles. Its bucket isn’t super complicated, and it doesn’t have a stainless steel handle. However, it’s highly rated, and sometimes, less is more.

For the fourth, we have the WAFJAMF Microfiber 360° Spin Mop. This cleaning mop is much more affordable, with a simple bucket system. It does still have a microfiber mop head, which is always needed, and its handle is sturdy but is a little lacking.

Finally, for the fifth, we have the Simpli-Magic 79193. This mop is a little less in quality, but it does come with not just one mop head, but four replace ones. This means cleaning without buying another mop head can last a whole lot longer. Its reviews are a little more mixed, but it’s still positive.

And there you have it. If you have hardwood floors that need cleaning, any mop should work. Mops are simple enough, but they also have different feels and styles, and one mop may have a handle you prefer, or you may like the others’ cleaning better. Try one out, and see if it’s for you.

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