Whether it’s sweep, mop, vacuum or polish, TheCleanMachine tests the latest products and techniques so you can be sure you’re getting the fastest clean, with the least fuss.

Steam Mop

Do Steam Mops Really Work?

Regular mop not working for your messes? Is it making you a little… steamed? Then why not try a steam mop? The name “steam mop” explains its functionality. It cleans using steam. With so much heat, you can disinfect any surfaces without the need for any chemicals that can be a little harsh on the …

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Spin Mop

Your Best Spin Mop in 2020

You’re not the only person who saw a spin mop for the first time and went, “You. Get in my life. Today.” This article will tell you based on an unnecessarily high volume of research exactly which is the best spin mop for you, from those currently available (and on sale where possible). Carry on …

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